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COVID-19 - Our Tips When Attending Our Sessions 👍

Firstly, this blog is not to spread more worry or doom and gloom! It is simply a message to let you know our stance with this blooming coronavirus lingering over the world at present.

As I am sure you can appreciate, we are entering somewhat un-chartered waters and we all need to be diligent in our actions in relation to the potential spread of the virus. To that end we outline below the current advice to reduce the risk of infection and also how to respond in the event of an outbreak:

🤧🤢Good personal hygiene can help to prevent the spread of pathogens such as coronavirus,

best practice hygiene measures include:🤧🤢

⭐️ All of our centres and schools have hand washing facilities. Some of course are better than others, and we do not have control over these facilities, however should you have any concerns, please be sure to raise with either our team or centre staff. Most of our centres have responded with their stance on the situation.

⭐️ We encourage you and your Superstar to wash your hands before entering our classes by using soap and water and an alcohol-based hand rub. Good practice will be to do this after the session finishes too. All of our coaches will be following this process.

⭐️ Covering your mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue when coughing or

sneezing, then disposing of the tissue immediately and washing your hands. It's important to remind your Superstar of how to do this and the importance of it.

⭐️ As always, and we are sure this is the same with your school, we ask that if you have any flu like symptoms or illness, that you do not attend your class.

⭐️ We are ensuring that our bibs are clean and our equipment is in a hygienic condition. Our coaches will be supplied with a Detol spray to use on their equipment after their sessions (not on your children! 😬)

⭐️ We love to give HI 5’s to the kids, but instead during and at the end of our sessions, we will be offering “elbow to elbow touches” just like the Premier League footballers are doing! Something fun but also something that we feel will minimise contact with hands. Parents there will be no handshakes either for you…just elbow touches..sorry 🙃


World Health Organisation current recommendations for travellers returning to the UK from the following locations in the last 14 days are to stay indoors and avoid contact with other people, even if you do not have any symptoms:-

· Iran

· Hubei Province

· South Korea

· Italy (since 09 March 2020)

WHO further recommends that if you are returning (or have returned) to the UK in the last 14days from the following locations and have a cough, high temperature of shortness of breath, even if your symptoms are mild, you should stay indoors and avoid contact with other people:-

· China (all regions)

· South Korea

· Cambodia

· Hong Kong

· Japan

· Laos

· Macau

· Malaysia

· Myanmar

· Singapore

· Thailand

· Vietnam

And of course, if you are displaying any sign of the virus, please use the 111 online Coronavirus Service or NHS 24 on 111.

We hope the above information helps you in some way. We can only offer advice based on what the local authority and government are implementing and we will be sure to update you if we receive anything new.

Please remember not to worry. All we can do is keep our own personal hygiene in tip top shape and take extra precaution! 💙

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